About This Website and The Brewmonger Store

So, you were probably expecting to see a different website here huh?  Let me explain, as you may have heard The Brewmonger Inc homebrew shop has closed it’s doors.  This is unfortunate but we felt it was the best course of action for us personally.

However on our journey we’ve found that there is a vibrant and passionate home brewing culture in Canada and it’s one we don’t want to leave behind entirely so I’ve re-booted this website as a blog and brewing review site that I hope you will find entertaining and useful.  I plan to include home brewing, craft beer reviews, brewing equipment reviews, recipes and industry news as well as my many varied opinions on these topics.  I’ll also continue to sell a few items here on our much down-sized webstore.

So I hope you continue to follow us and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed or discussed here.