Motorized Grain Mill $850

This malt mill served me trouble-free in the homebrewshop for its entire run.

Hand built by, it features a 1/3HP farm grade motor, three rollers and a large hopper that holds just shy of 50lbs of malt.

See it in action:

I am not sure if the mill gap is adjustable as I’ve never messed with it. It puts out a perfect grind with barley malt and wheat. I will investigate if adjusting the gap is important to you.

Will chug through a full bag of malt in about four minutes.

Complete Grainfather System for Sale $750

Complete with sparge water heater and both the original controller and the newer Bluetooth digital controller, grainfather jacket to help stabilize temperatures, the wort chiller, and a hop basket.

I have not used the digital controller as I purchased it last year and then never got around to brewing, but there are plenty of youtube tutorials on how to use it as well as brewing with the grainfather in general.

This is a great little all-grain system and easy to clean-up afterward. I’ll throw in some PBW and new tubing as well.

If interested email to: